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I’ve been personal training for the past three years and have been an athlete my whole life. Still I am a combat athletes which is why I’ve specialized in Highly Intensity Workouts, Functional Strength Training, Mobility Training, Interval Training & Athletic Movements. 

My most practices are nutrition, mindfulness and functional strength. Functional fitness is for better balance, flexibility, strength, endurance, and agility. Nutrition to me is magic, it can heal and keep us healthy. I am a certified personal trainer, certified in High Intensity Training too.

I train with Steve McKinney a High Intensity Trainer of 20 years. I have continued education with Dr. Joel Seedman for both functional movements & athletic movements. I have also continued education with Dr. Bret Contreas “The Glute Guy”. I am always expanding my knowledge of fitness and wellness weekly. 

Since 2017 I’ve been practicing breath work & meditation. Working out, breathing and meditation all helped me beat anxiety,  depression & ptsd. Helping me heal my addiction, change my lifestyle and begin my fat loss journey.

My programs are specifically tailored to the needs of my clients and I implement strength training and functional movements. Whether your goal is to lose weight, become healthy, learn knew habits (breath work, meditation, mindfulness, yoga) gain, get strong, gain balance or gain muscle. I can create a program designed for you. Through hard work, discipline, and the right guidance, the body and goals you are looking for can be achieved. I will be right here helping you along the way.

I use my training methods training with youth athletes, adults and older people as well. 10 - 70 years old. Workouts are intense and intentional. 20 - 40 minutes per session. I am offering online training, nutritional coaching, monthly programming and lifestyle & mindset coaching. Having a growth mindset helped me get to where I am at today, we can continue to grow and evolve together. I love helping others reach their goals and become confident, I’m confident we can achieve your goals.

My goal is help meet your goal and to share my knowledge and wisdom anyone and everyone the I can. I’ve always pushed myself to do the best that I know I was capable of with the knowledge that I had. Over the years, I’ve accumulated more knowledge about the body and mind. No many coaches or trainers teach the most important aspects of fitness, health and wellness. 

If you are tired of the salesman personal trainers and fakes influencers, let me help you meet your goals.When you start with me you will become apart of my family. We are all one big soul family helping each other grow, mentally, physically and spiritually. We all have the ability to learn heal ourselves physically, mentally and spiritually. You can learn healthy habits such as nutrition, breath work, meditation, mobility, aromatherapy, yoga and exercise.

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