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I'm Coach Christian, your online Strength & Conditioning Coach guiding athletes, busy professionals, and anyone with a goal to achieve peak performance. Whether you're a doctor, firefighter, musician, fighter, or stay at home parent, I can help you reach your fitness potential.

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What I Offer: 

  • Personalized Programs: I create custom training plans, nutrition guidance, and cardio strategies based on your goals and lifestyle.

  • Expert Coaching: Get text support from a trainer and strength coach, video exercise tutorials, and bi weekly calls for accountability and knowledge.

  • Easy-to-Use App: Our app features a calorie tracker (students love it and the food data base!), workout tracker, and timers for efficient training.

Everyone is unique, so I use proven principles to deliver personalized coaching, no matter your fitness level. As long as you're committed to putting in the work, I'm here to support you every step of the way.

Ready to get started? Let's chat and see how I can help you reach your peak performance. (Mention free consultation or initial assessment here)

Looking for a more structured approach? Apply for online training or check out my Jiu Jitsu specific training programs for Strength & Size, Speed & Power, Conditioning, Functional Strength, and Balance & Stability.

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