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Habits for success, a successful mind & body

  1. Get up early

  2. Meditate

  3. Set Goals, Have a Plan

  4. Whole Foods, Nourish the Body

  5. Exercise

  6. Flexibility & Mobility

  7. Breath Work

  8. Cold Therapy & Sauna

  9. Walk, Bike, Jog or Run

  10. Learn, Read & Remember

  11. Surround Yourself with Inspiring People

  12. Listen

  13. Nature, Sunlight & Moonlight

  14. Finding Purpose & Believe in Something Higher than Yourself

  15. Determination & Persistence "Never Give Up"

Wake Up Early

Waking up early is one of the best choices I've ever made. Oddly enough I used to be a night person. Waking up early allows for you to accomplish so much more. Waking up from 4am - 7am is perfect. Personally I joined the 5am club. When I first wake up I write down my dreams. Next saying a few positive affirmation to start my day. I am healthy. I am strong. I am a wise decision maker. After saying these affirmations I visualize for a few moments.

5am - 9am allows for so much free time. This time for me is for myself. Do what works for you. Create healthy habits that lead you to your goals.

For me waking up early allows me to say my affirmations & gratifications, wash my face, clean my teeth, meditate, mudras, mantras, pray & thank, write, listen to music, stretch, aroma therapy, nature, grounding, sunlight, mobility & spine hygiene, meditate, breath work, cardio, stretch, water, breath work, cold shower, nourish body & mind with food, herbs, spices, supplements and purified water. Still to this day I write my schedule out on paper once a week. I will schedule free time, family time, friend time. Even still always accept a schedule change. Be human, go to the movies, listen to music, hang out with friends, enjoy nature. Go with the flow, see what happens. Maybe you'll meet new people with similar interests. Go to new places, drink a glass of wine or have a glass of bourbon, smoke a joint with your friend.

We are human for now, enjoy the little things. For me my guilty pleasures are books, coffee, cannabis and music. When writing my schedule I always write down mottos, quotes or motivational words. Believe in yourself and your mind. We control and create our life. We control our bodies. We control our endocrine system. We control our health and immune system. We control our adrenal and hormone system. We control our bone density, mobility and posture. We control our peace and happiness. Our life is ours to create. We can not create our life when our actions and thoughts are controlled. Have a choice and opinion. Be yourself and try to be a better version than yesterday.

Self Discipline is tough, but nothing in life is easy. It will always be a challenge for us and that's okay. Each day is another opportunity. Some days we suffer more, some days we miss out on good times, some days we are lazy. Understand sometimes it's okay to be lazy, we need balance in our life. Also understand you have to get up and do what you said you were going to do. More often than not you have to get up a move for your health. Self disciple is the ability to take action regardless of your thoughts or emotions.

Our burdens and distractions are our own doing. Learn to control your mind and you will create your world. Find your flow state. Learn how to go with the flow, each day we are feeling different and living a new day and a new life. Each day we could be better than the next. It is about habits, routine, revision and change. Habits create a routine, sit down think of your goals, and how to get there. Choose positive habits for your goals and plan it out. It is less about planning and more about fulfilling your purpose. Habits will create your path.

Learn, Read & Remember

Most days from 10am - 11am I am reading or learning in some way. Early on in the day I prefer to read or listen to philosophy, psychology, polytheism, yoga, holistic or continued education for training. Early on I enjoy reading non-fiction, at night I choose fiction to let my my mind relax. Learning is an accomplishment which rewards both our body and mind. Learning boosts our confidence in our own capabilities. You will be ready to take on more, you will want to continue to grow. You'll feel more ready to take on challenges and explore new business ventures. Acquiring new skills will unveil new opportunities and help you achieve your goals. A growth mindset comes from learning. When one learn, you must choose to remember. Be mindful and be intentional. Train your mind.


Meditation is one the most powerful tools for strengthening the mind. Many people go there entire life without training there mind. With meditation you have nothing to lose but everything to gain. The teachings of mediation have been around since 3500 B.C. in ancient Mesopotamia. It is practice my many eastern countries, but still popular here in the west. Mindfulness is everything and we can use it everywhere. We control our mind, we control our attitude, we control our thoughts and actions. We choose, choices are not made for us. We have the power over our mind, not the power over the outside world.

Many people use meditation to reduce stress, and develop concentration. Both yogis and scientists have proven meditation works. You may have been practicing meditation for years and have learned its positive benefits such as; healing, having a healthy sleep schedule, finding mindfulness, having a positive mood and outlook on life and gaining self discipline. You obtain this certain level of connection and focus through meditation. Mediation and breath work allowed me to quiet my mind and quit my addiction to Xanax. My mind and spirt healed my mental disease.

Meditation is exactly like working out. At first it can be intense on your body and mind while sitting in meditation for 30+ plus minutes. At first five minutes was difficult, my mind used to revolve around fear, anger, shame, guilt, pride, blame and worries. Eventually with practice of meditation I understood and controlled my thoughts. These negative thoughts become less frequent, soon all thoughts ceased. Everything is temporary. Emotions, thoughts, people, environment. You will be learning of yourself and spirt through meditation. You will learn to detach from it all and go with the flow.

Meditation helps with anxiety, depression, addiction and so much more. Many of us have inner trauma that go way back to as far as our early childhood. We have to be mindful and understand our current state of mind. Letting go of these traumas will let you heal and progress. Meditation allows for you to know yourself better. Meditation will teach you mindfulness. Soon you will be mindful of every thought and action. The mind is a powerful thing, control what you say and think.


"No man has the right to be an amateur in the matter of physical training. Its a shame for a man to grow old without seeing the beauty and the strength which his body is capable." Socrates

Men and women both should exercise. I am not a should person. This is with out a doubt the only time I'll say you should, but you should exercise. If you lack confidence or are unable to go to the gym there are numerous types of exercises for you. Walk, bike, dance, do online workouts, do yoga, swim, workout at home, go to the gym, stair climb, lift weights, jog, run or shadow box. Our body and mind need at least 160 minutes of exercise per week. Each day is a new day, try something new. Start today, rest, recover and continue to exercise every week.

Nature, Sunlight & Moonlight

Being in the sun releases serotonin and all the happy hormones. The sun gives us our vitality and feeds the foods we eat. When you obtain sunlight and moonlight, or body absorbs beneficial vitamins and hormones. Have you ever wondered why we usually get seasonally depressed in the colder months? It because there is far less sunlight. The sun strengthens our immune system, helps us maintain strong bones, reduces stress, fights off depression and improves sleep.

To me the moon represents divinity. She is feminine and the sun is masculine. Moonlight exposure helps regulate menstrual cycles, increase fertilely, lower blood pressure, reduce stress and anxiety. The moon is magnetic and affects the tides of earth as well as our psyche. The sun is electric and affects our body as well as the foods we nourish it with. Both sunlight and moonlight exposure are extremely benefited for our health and longevity. Many ancient societies and cultures worshipped there own version of a sun god and moon goddess.

Being in nature is when I feel at I am most at peace. Nature humbles me, it lets me realize there is so much more to both myself and reality. There is so much more beyond the world of our physical reality. In the world, nature takes on a greater significance than we do. Everything in our life is playing a significant role, energy is all around us.

Again much the the sun and the moon simply being in nature, reduces anger, fear, stress and increases our pleasant feelings. Numerous times nature has let me understand how little I am. There is so much more going on out there. Nature lets me realize the bigger picture. Those trees that help me breath are consciousness, when I leave my body I hope to continue on and help the world we live in some way shape or form.

Finding Your Purpose

The soul's path is the journey to find your purpose. Our soul family is here to help us along our path. We are all family, you are my family and I am yours. Be it a second or be it years, anyone and everyone can affect your life. We are all learning to learn. Forever we are growing. Understand it is okay to ask for help. Far too many of us feel lonely. When I was growing up I remember the world being more wholesome and friendly. School never taught us compassion, love or how to make friends. In school we did not learn how to heal ourselves, we did not learn of proper nourishment or how to make and maintain relationships.

We never learned of spirituality, meditation, breath work, praying to higher powers or visualizing your dreams. In school they do not teach us of our mental health.

Your mental health is more important than anything in life. We are here to help, do not feel alone. My loneliness led to my anxiety, depression and paranoid schizophrenia. My thoughts made me feel alone. Once I found my beliefs and my purpose, my life became meaningful. I found my happiness and peace. Realize it is perfectly okay to ask for help. It is okay to ask questions. It is okay to question reality. It is okay to have your own choices and beliefs. As children our souls were curious, asking questions all the time. Both big and small. Somewhere around the eleventh or twelfth grade we seemed to be completely programmed to no longer ask questions.

Belief In Something Higher Than Yourself

I am a mystic. My spirituality is unity. I believe in polytheism. I pray to gods, goddesses, angels, higher powers and consciousness. My belief is everything happens for a reason, whether it is meant to be or not meant to be there is a lesson to be learned. I am thankful for my suffering and trauma for it made me wise. Everything is our life is connected. Consciousness is atoms molecules. All is vibration & energy. There is both light and dark. I love spirituality, yet dislike religion. Even still I believe in the angels of Judaism, I believe in the Pagan Gods of all cultures. My belief is that of consciousness and higher powers of copiousness.

Persistence & Determination "Persistence and determination are omnipotent."

With persistence & determination your life is yours to create.

Nothing in this world can take the place of persistence, hard work always pays off. It takes time and effort, talent is nothing. Its about technique learned through reputation. n our modern society to many talented men are unsuccessful. With this being said genius will never triumph persistence. Far to many people are educated and ignorant. While a wise man can have no education at all. Knowledge and wisdom together are power. In the passing moments we understand we create our reality. Never give up, you can do absolutely anything with determination and persistence.

Bonus Affirmations

  • I am safe. I am healthy.. I am happy. I am disciplined. I am confident.

  • I am creative. I am healing. I am comfortable. I am in control of my life. I am in control of my mind.

  • I am strong. I am compassionate. I am courageous. I am a reflection of my Divine light and my purpose. I am at peace with myself.

  • I am loved & I am loving. I love myself and others fearlessly. I forgive others. I am fearlessly playing. I am learning. I am growing.

  • I am expressive. I am speaking the truth. I am sharing my wisdom. I am listening. I am fearless. I am spirit.

  • I am wise. I am making wise choices. I am Intuitive. I am able to see my purpose. I am connected to it all.

  • I am Divine. I am in the present moment. I am selfless. I accept life for what it is. I am creating my reality.

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