10 Week Cardio & Conditioning Program

38 Workouts in Mobile App With Video Demos. Increase Your Gas Tank With HIIT, LITT, EMOM & Tabata

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Service Description

Improve your endurance & crank up the intensity with this program featuring bodyweight, assault bike, rowing machine, bands, slam balls & kettlebell workouts. An ideal program for students looking to improve there gas tank and build strength. I guarantee your gas tank & overall conditioning improve in as little as 2-3 weeks Over the next 8 or 10 weeks we are going to improve your aerobic conditioning, anaerobic conditioning, overall endurance, vO2 max & your lactic tolerance. We will be utilizing techniques such as: EMOM, LISS, LSD, Tabata, Intervals, Pace/Tempo, Circuits, Giant Sets, Supersets, Recovery Routines, and Routines To Attack Your Entire Energy System. In total you will have 40+ Routines to utilize - Personalized Calendar (3-6 Days Per Week) - Video Tutorials in Mobile App - Warm Ups, Cool Down & Mobility Routines - Workout & Progress Tracker in Mobile App - Custom Meal Plans for Fat Loss or Muscle Gain - Daily Accountability, Coaching & Check Ins

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