10 Week Functional Strength & Stability

24 Full Body Workouts To Improve Stability Movement, Mobility & Functional Core Strength

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Service Description

We will prep your body for any situation it may come to face with on the mats, improve your performance and significantly reduce the risk of injury in Jiu Jitsu and in life This is an ideal program for students looking to bulletproof their body, while reducing aches & pains in the process. We will be use stability focused exercises, full body or upper/lower routines, slow eccentrics, 90° isometric holds, corrective exercises, plyometrics, as well as various functional strength, mobility & stability exercises in our exercise data base. Featuring routines for back pain, knee pain, neck pain, mobility issues & flexibility issues. You will improve your performance, fitness, strength, muscle mass, and your overall health. All of these routines & techniques will help you gain superior levels of isometric strength, motor control, balance, stability, balance, functional strength & core strength. - Personalized Calendar (2-6 Days Per Week) - Video Tutorials in Mobile App - Workout & Progress Tracker in Mobile App - Custom Meal Plans for Fat Loss or Muscle Gain - Daily Accountability, Coaching & Check Ins

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