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Weight Lifting


There are 3 keys to Jii Jitsu. Conditioning, Strength and Technique. Strength and conditioning programs have become a crucial part of a BJJ athletes protocol, for not only preventing injuries but also increasing the bruising of your opponent’s ego, improving maximal strength and explosiveness for takedowns, sweeps & finishing. Improve anaerobic cardio, add speed, power, strength and stability. Push, Pull, Hinge, Jump, Throw, Slam, Rotate, Lift Light Weight Fast, Lift Heavy and Train Like an Athlete.


You will gain the most important physical attributes you need to keep up with bigger opponents and dominate your weight class. Your competition will get no rest and they will be unable to overpower you. You will be able to impose your game on them and win more matches. Jiu Jitsu is evolving, don’t get left behind. By adding 2-5 strength & conditioning sessions to your week will greatly improve yourpreformance and compliment your BJJ skills. 

Image by Ryan De Hamer


Do you want a competitive edge over your opponent? The 3 weak points of most grapplers are having a weak posterior chain, lack of mobility and a lack of isometric & yielding strength. Jiu Jitsu is all all about control. If you're lacking isometric people will pass your guard, you'll lose your grips, you will have weak control and your opponent will escape your submissions. As grappler you are constantly on your back, pushing & framing. Both upper and lower extremities take a beating. Your posture, shoulders, hips and knees develop problems. Both mobility and strength training will strengthen and improve your joints, ligaments and muscles. Improving your performance on the mats. 

There are 4 phases to the grapplers performance program.

Phase 1 is strength endurance, functional strength, stability, mobility, aerobic endurance and anaerobic/lactic threshold conditioning. Phase 1 will last 3-6 weeks depending on the athletes or practitioners goals & needs.


Phase 2 is maximal strength, controlled/isometric strength, core/trunk stability and mobility. We will also be progressively adding strength speed. Phase 2 will last 4-8 weeks.  

Phase 3 is speed & power, strength speed, speed strength, yielding strength, anti-rotational/contralateral stability and high intensity aerobic conditioning.


Phase 4 is nutrition. You will receive custom macros based on your needs and goals. Optional bi-weekly meal plas provided. When combing nutitrion and training you will get the best results possible. Phase 4 is nutritional guidance and accountability throughout your entire program.



Science says POWER = FORCE x VELOCITY. The more force you produce and the faster you do it, the more you separate yourself from Science says POWER = FORCE x VELOCITY. The more force you produce and the faster you do it, the more you separate yourself from other athletes on the mats. Don’t overthink sport specific training. All sports require just about the same exact movements. Athletic movements can be for explosiveness, speed, improving takedowns, increasing submission finishes, carrying heavy things, improving grip strength and stabilizing the body.


Functional strength training will test your levels of stability, symmetry, mobility, balance, efficient pre-hab, spinal alignment, posture and increase overall muscle function. Functional strength challenges you to stabilize your body throughout every dynamic exercise. Body weight or free weights are the only tools needed. Theories and practices are simple, yet highly effective. Functional strength focuses on technique, slow eccentric negatives, isometric training, cognitive connection and many forms of unstable training exercises. Using 90° Isometrics and slow eccentric movements for hypertrophy, strength, stability, speed & power.


Increase range of motion making you more comfortable and more athletic on the mats. Feel better and experience less pain as you undo muscular tightness and joint restrictions. Thus enhancing recovery so you can consistently preform at a high level on and off the mats. 


The term powerbuilding earns its name because it combines training elements from both powerlifting and bodybuilding programs. Thus, making these programs ideal for any lifter who is looking to gain strength, but also spend a considerable amount of time focusing on their body composition. The art of training for both strength and aesthetics is nothing new in the world of strength training, with powerbuilding improve compound lifts and gain lean muscles mass. Powerbuilding programs are desirable for the athlete that loves to lift heavy, but also ranks aesthetics highly in their overall training goals You will be able to achieve multiple goals, can also be used in place of hypertrophy phase allowing you gain strength and muscles. 

Hypertrophy is the process in which we cause tears in our muscle fibers from repetitive contractions of the muscle group. This phase is best achieved when performing 8-15 reps of the maximum weight within your capability. Generally seen as a bodybuilding routine, but has tremendous carry over for grapplers when programmed correctly. You can add a few or many hypertrophy auxiliaries to build a stronger foundation in the future. All in all you will increase muscle size, increase fast twitch muscles, improve power, increased work capacity and decrease body fat. 


You'll get custom macronutrients to follow along with your program. When you combine both training and nutrition together you'll get the best results possible. Whether it’s losing body fat, strengthening your body or finding balance my program will improve your health and have you feeling great. Whether it’s losing body fat, strengthening your body or finding balance my program will improve your health and have you feeling great. 


Lifting Barbell

High Intensity Training is a 15 - 60 minute training sessions focused on intensity and training intentionally. Warm up set & 1-2 intense sets is far better than a half dozen mediocre sets. Training 2-4 times a week. Monday, Wednesday, Friday could be the perfect training split for many. During each training day, you do only a few working sets, this is 1 - 2 sets per muscle group. This is the ideal workout for beginners up to advanced body builder. Arthur Jones created this training style, Dorian Yates optimized it and I have specialized in High Intensity Training the 3 years.

We can utilize high intensity training 3-4 weeks out from an athletes competition or fight. High Intensity Training focuses on perfect technique, pre-exhaustion, slow eccentric reps, isometrics and momentarily achieving muscular failure on intense sets. High Intensity cardio conditioning can be added towards the end of your program or about 2-3 weeks out from tournament of fight.


If you are looking for rather simple method that will give results faster high intensity training is perfect for you. Free weights and machines are all optimal. Early movements will isolating each muscle group, followed by a compound movement which performed usually right after. High Intensity utilizes supersets and giant-sets This pushes muscles into a deep state of fatigue, challenging both your mind and body. Pyramid sets starting with moderate intensity, followed my intense set working your muscles to a monetarily muscular failure. Rest is also key to High Intensity Training's success.


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